BodyTalk Sioux Falls

Presents:  A Summer of Tracey Clark!

Education & Credentials

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

-BodyTalk Fundamentals I & II (3x)

-Principles of Consciousness

-Lymphatic Drainage & Applied Anatomy and Physiology

-BodyTalk Access (5x)


-Fascial Energetics 1

-MacroCosmic BodyMind

-Matrix Dynamics

Silva Method Life (4x) and Intuition (3x) Training

BA in Physics and Math

I've always been a healer. 

My Parents would both attest to the fact that when I was 7 years old, I was reading health books and ads that they received  about vitamins and supplements so I could learn nutritional ways to help them and pretty much anybody else I met. 

Fast forward to 1999 when I was in college studying for a physics and math double major at Augustana College. In researching ways to improve learning ability and memory, I discovered meditation and the Silva Method. Back then the Silva Method was pretty much the only reliable systematic way to train people to enter altered states of consciousness with awareness. I  discovered I could manipulate energy and use my mind to heal myself and many times help other people as well.  Later I discovered I had the ability to "lay on hands" to control pain, or bleeding, or even outright direct healing sometimes.

So it was no surprise in 2011 when my dear friend Angela Johnson introduced me to BodyTalk that with my previous Silva Training and passion for healing and caring, I would be drawn to the Body Talk System as a powerful healing method.

At the time I was also a student of Ortho-Molecular Nutrition and teaching myself the knowledge of Linus Pauling, Thomas Levy and other cellular and molecular nutrition experts. Correct dosing of many vitamins and bio-molecules can precede significant improvements in health and wellness, and I was helping many family and friends with this knowledge. 

Over the next couple years I became more and more impressed with just how quickly the BodyTalk system can heal: Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically and even Spiritually. It not only heals on the individual level, but many people report improvements with their relationships as well.  In September of 2015 I started training, mainly as a self discovery tool. While I was training, I experienced  a great deal of loss and pain in both personal and spiritual life.  BodyTalk was  (and still is) a wonderful tool for my own healing and transformation. In May of 2017 I felt the calling to get certified and completed my training a few months later in August.

In the years that I've been practicing BodyTalk, I've noticed that these two systems of mind development and healing are a perfect marriage. Having the innate wisdom of the client's own BodyMind tell me when and where to lay on hands makes my Silva Training many times more helpful. And clients typically feel the results immediately. I also find that my Ortho-Molecular Nutrition and Physics backgrounds find their way into my BodyTalk sessions as well to help my clients.   

It's as if everything I've gone through my entire life has led me to be an energy healer. Touching and healing hearts and minds, and seeing the physical healing that comes from it is so rewarding!  I am honored and humbled by the amazing "miracles" that I see everyday.

I'm currently working out of The Sanctuary in Sioux Falls. Click here if you'd like to chat or schedule a time to come see me!

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