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Manifesting Heaven on Earth, Manifesting Heaven in You

Our World is Healing.

If you don't look too deep, it can be easy to think or feel like the world is falling apart. 

Yet, if you look below the surface -- we can see that this is part of the healing process. Just like in the human BodyMind a fever is sometimes required to heal the body, so too is a little tension required to heal society at large.

The social disruptions, the health care disruptions, the economic disruptions -- It's all part of clearing away old, outdated, control-based systems to make room for voluntary systems based on love, peace, and mutual respect of all individuals involved. New decentralized systems are developing based on enhancing the personal power and sovereignty of individuals that help and support prosperity peace and spiritual growth for all.

In short, we are witnessing nothing less then the "Kingdom of Heaven" being made manifest on Earth.

"Thy Will be done: On Earth, as it is in Heaven."

It is with this intention that I am guided to launch another series of BodyTalk Matrix sessions in the spirit of the previous "Heal the World, Heal Yourself," series to help facilitate this transition as we move into this next phase of humanity, so it can be full of as much ease, peace, joy, and grace as possible.

The world wants to heal. That is its nature. It's just a matter of removing the restrictions that inhibit these self-repairing, self-healing, self-evolving systems from doing what they're designed to do. Join me in helping her do what she already wants to do.

So I am reaching out and inviting everybody to join me in the matrix series, "Manifesting Heaven on Earth, Manifesting Heaven in You."

We all know that as the world heals, so do we. You are a representation of the world, just as the world is a representation of you. In joining together to hold space to help facilitate the transition of bringing heave to earth, we also heal our minds and become more one with the higher mind that is the "Kingdom of Heaven."

Starting Monday, June 1st at 8pm CST, we'll be launching another 4 week series. We're keeping the price low again so as many people as possible can participate. The more people who join us, the more space we can hold and the more powerful the healing will be for both the planet and ourselves.

I will also be creating a Facebook Group so we can bond, discuss, and interact with each other between sessions.

If you can't make the call live Monday nights, that's OK. I will be recording the sessions. In fact, if these end up being anything like the previous "Heal the World, Heal Yourself" sessions, you might want to listen to it live, and then listen to the recording again to help peal off more layers.

Register Here:

E-mail confirmation and welcome e-mails will be sent to the e-mail on file for your PayPal account. 

Thank you all for joining me as we continue this bold adventure in planetary healing.

Thank you,

Tracy Saboe, CBP