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Presents:  A Summer of Tracey Clark!

What if there was a way to heal the world and yourself at the same time?

What if, by upgrading the communication systems of society, we could increase health, wellness and prosperity for everybody including ourselves?

My name is Tracy Saboe, and as a BodyTalk Practitioner, I'm trained to use consciousness based methods to restore and upgrade 
communication, circulation, and information systems within the BodyMind so its natural self-repair, self-organizing, and self-regulating systems work together for optimum health.

A Body that can talk to itself, can heal itself.

I spent a good decade of my life in politics, studying economics, human action, and chaos theory. As these different backgrounds merged, I realized that society functions very much like the body. Society is also a self-regulating, self-repairing, self-organizing system. It has communication systems, circulation systems, and information systems that allow it to organize, repair, and heal itself through spontaneous order.  

We all know there are problems in society, things that don't work nearly as optimally as we know they could. We all know there's a better way. The issue is breakdowns in communication of different types of circulations and information within different parts of the BodyMind. 

A Society that can talk to itself, can heal itself!

We can USE the consciousness based healing system of BodyTalk and apply it to society to help repair and heal the various energies, circulations, and communication systems so they function as optimally as possible.  

Heal Yourself in the Process

We all understand that healing the internal world heals the external world. The inverse is also true. Healing the external heals the internal. When we focus on healing the communication circuits that could bring more health, wellness, prosperity, and abundance to the world, we also heal our ability to have more health, wellness, prosperity and abundance. A world that works more efficiently, allows our personal world to be more efficient.

Join me on a four week adventure as we dive into this journey of self discovery, 
and society and planetary healing!

I'm offering a series of four weekly BodyTalk group sessions starting this Wednesday April 8th at 8pm CST on Zoom. (If you don't have Zoom, you can download it free from the App Store or Google Play.)  Register by Monday the 6th, and you can experience all four of these group healing sessions for only $40! This is an incredible value at only $10 per BodyTalk Session. I really wanted to make sure as many people as possible had the ability to take part in this. The more people participate, the more powerful it becomes with our combined focus and intention.

As soon as you register, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation thanking you for joining us. You will then be granted access to a private Facebook group so we can share our intentions for personal and global wealth, health, and peace with one another.

If you're not able to be live with me at 8pm Wednesday nights, don't worry. You can still take part and have access to the recording. The benefits of the BodyTalk session will be just as powerful on the replay.

Join me as we work to create a world of prosperity, wealth, and peace for all.

Thank you!

Tracy Saboe, CBP

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