BodyTalk Sioux Falls

Presents:  A Summer of Tracey Clark!

"I've had the privilege to experience Tracy's expertise on a couple different issues. I had shattered my knee cap and was unable to walk for 4 months. After 2 months of therapy the pain was getting worse. I talked to Tracy but due to my hectic schedule I could not go to the clinic. He came to my house. It was VERY chaotic, grandkids running around, other family members walking in and out, my dog wanting to meet Tracy and see why he was touching his mom. I thought "this is never going to work!" He was very kind to endure the situation and continued working right through the chaos. I can honestly say, I went to work the next day with barely a limp and the pain was very slight. I showed Tracy.. hey look I can bend my knee!! I was amazed to say the least. My next experience, I went to the ER with unbearable abdominal pain. Turned out to be a perforated ulcer and emergency surgery was scheduled for the next day. Tracy came to see me after work. He spent about an hour with me and I felt better when he left. Miracle Alert..... I went for my follow up x-ray and I no longer needed the emergency surgery, they were able to fix the ulcer with IV drip and of course I am still taking oral meds now, but I honestly believe without Tracy's visit thing would have turned out much differently.
Tracy.. thank you. I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR GIFT!!"
~ Tricia S.
"There are a lot of great BodyTalk Practitioners in Sioux Falls. That being said, Tracy has helped me through so much. His patience, and kindness as well as compassion are great assets of his as well. My sessions with Tracy helped my body to be able to heal itself through a lot of things I've been working on for ages in just a short time."
~ Chantelle W.

"Thank you Tracy Saboe for your caring heart, your expertise, and creating a safe place
for healing. Very grateful for being led to you and Body Talk!"
~ Teresa H.

"Tracy is an amazing and compassionate healer. He has helped my Down Syndrome daughter immensely with cognitive growth over the 3 sessions we have done. I look forward to many more."
~ Carol S.