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Presents:  A Summer of Tracey Clark!

Tracey Clark is coming back to Sioux Falls!

Hi Everybody! 

Tracey Clark is coming back to teach Mod 4/7 BioDynamics next year June 25th-28th!
She's also coming a couple days early to teach her personally designed "Beyond Technique: Professionalism and the Art of Practice" (Details below)

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$150 off for the 1st 10 students who register and pay in full before May 28th!

Mod 4/7: BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics

Learn to identify the patterns of restriction, symptom and dis-ease through the study of the Five Elements as per Traditional Chinese Medicine. Examine the role of Wei Qi and practical ways of balancing its functions.

Learn the importance of the diaphragm in the processing and distribution of pathological emotions and thoughts, and a specific technique to release the diaphragm and improve its function. Discover the energetic dynamics of emotions within the bodymind complex and new techniques to harmonize emotions.

Learn the invaluable Body Vivaxis technique to re-orient organs, endocrines, and body parts to the whole bodymind complex

Study the emotional and psychological relationships of all the major muscles and joints of the body.

Learn an incredibly effective series of rehabilitation and musculoskeletal techniques to address acute and chronic sports injuries, manage chronic arthritis, manage chronic pain, balance the spine, release adhesions, and improve range of motion.

Explore the use of agenda sessions and time-release sessions for sports performance, surgery, exams, presentations, travel, or any important event.

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Beyond Technique! With Tracey Clark

Tracey Clark is coming a couple days early to teach her specially designed 
Beyond Technique! Professionalism and the Art of Practice
June 23rd and 24th

Finally! The missing piece is here!

Are you ready to learn the secrets of a successful healthcare practice?

Beyond Technique goes beyond modalities and healthcare treatments to explore the true tools of any successful healthcare professional. 

It's time to turn your practice into a profession! Improve results, increase clientele, and improve the client retention.
As an international healthcare lecturer, Tracey has watched students and practitioners worldwide struggle to establish successful practices. She knew that it wasn't the tool that the were using in practice that were letting them down, but rather the important tools the weren't using.

A successful healthcare practice results from our ability to Observe, Communicate, Evaluate Progress, and to Educate the client. The problem is that most training seminars teach techniques but overlook the ART of PRACTICE.

There is an art to becoming a successful, waiting-list practitioner.
This course focuses entirely on giving you the keys to success, regardless of which healthcare modality you practice.
Course Topics include:

  • Applying quantum principles in a practical office setting
  • The tole of observation, communication, and evaluation in treatment
  • The important of the observation effect
  • The placebo effect and its benefits
  • Creating and using a positive-health-based intake form
  • Models of communication and how the apply to practice
  • Quantum entanglement in practice
  • Supporting patient education and empowerment
  • Demonstrating ongoing progress with evaluation

    Because many practitioners are drawn to healthcare out of a passion for healing, not business, this course will explore the practicalities of setting up a professional, ethical, and successful practice.
  • The influence of the clinical environment on the outcome
  • Standards of professionalism in practice
  • Creative processional boundaries
  • Practicing in integrity
  • Legal requirements for professional practice
  • Managing Legal Risk
  • Establishing and Maintaining Privacy.

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